Domaine de Montcy

- Laura Semeria

Appellations : Cheverny - Cour Cheverny


Several years ago, Laura was one of those businesswomen who traveled around the world for her job. She was expecting her second child whilst thinking that her first one did not have much time to see his mother. He might speak Portuguese (the nanny was Brazilian) or French (as they lived in Switzerland), before Italian (his native language).

Was it the baby blues? An existential crisis? The effect of jet lag? Or a revelation of her passion for wine? Who really knows, but she decided she would become a winemaker!

Laura grew up in Imperia, Italy. For three generations, her family had produced olive oil. She had studied nutrition in Milan and started a career in agribusiness. She educated her palate by talking daily with chefs and learing about food and wine. She took evening classes and became a sommelier. Then she moved to Switzerland to join her French husband and got a job in her graduate field of agribusiness, which resulted in a lot of international travel and overseas experiences.

When she realised it was not for her, Laura took a little bit of time to investigate getting into wine. All in all, it took less than a year for Laura to fulfill her dream. First off, she went about establishing her criteria and what she was really looking for: a high quality appellation level winery in a renowned region, a professional team of experts, a sales development potential and a selling price that matched her savings!  Whilst pregnant, Laura spent her free time traveling between France and Italy, visiting estates, tasting wines, meeting people and establishing business plans.

At the end of 2006, her determination was rewarded. Laura fell in love with Domaine de Montcy. Not only did she identify with its wine, she felt at home in this beautiful region of the Loire Valley. She established an excellent relationship with the owner and his team and was also attracted by the idea that the estate was ready to be converted to organic viticulture. Moreover, being located in Cheverny (996 inhabitants and 28 castles), the estate had a strong potential to develop wine tourism.

Laura's next step was to convince the banks to follow her plans, find a house and move the family. The sale was signed on September 7, 2007 and Laura began her first harvest five days later. TERRA LAURA was born!

Today, the estate has about 20 hectares, composed of primarily clay-siliceous soil. Viticulture is organic.The harvest is almost completely done by hand and the wine is fermented in the on-site cellar using modern equipment. The wines are elaborated in a natural way without any additions or fining so that they can reflect the terroir and the climate of the harvest.

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