VINI BE GOOD is a distribution company created in 1999 by independent winegrowers sharing the same philosophy of life and wine. The first idea of ​​everyone is to respect the fundamental precepts that wine is made above all in the vineyard, by allowing the plant, by working the soil, to go there to draw the quintessence of its terroir.

The selection and choice of these winegrowers have been built during numerous gourmet trips to the various vineyards of France.

VINI BE GOOD has selected its wines mainly from winegrowers concerned about respecting the environment who work in a natural logic guaranteeing the authenticity of the terroirs where they were born; Most of them are worked according to organic and biodynamic farming methods.

The precision of the aromas, the accuracy of the flavors of these vinous expressions are essential complements for any cook or gourmand offering tasty cuisine based on seasonal and harvested products. This resolutely natural approach develops the original characters of the terroirs and the accuracy of the wines that are chiselled there.

VINI BE GOOD thus presents here the productions of wines of the winegrowers chosen for their organoleptic characteristics and the purity of their flavor which allow, among other things, to create simple and original gourmet harmonies.

VINI BE GOOD naturally reserves a large place for wines from our magnificent Loire region which, on its own, brings together all the aromatic and gustatory richness of our beautiful French vineyard.

VINI BE GOOD and its winegrowers have come together today within a common distribution structure of which they have all become shareholders in order to make the most of this specific work. The primary goal for these harvesting winegrowers is to allow everyone to devote their time to making the best possible wine, freeing themselves from commercial and logistical constraints.

VINI BE GOOD today distributes around forty winegrowers in France to restaurants, wine merchants and wholesalers as well as to Export and professionals around the world with the possibility of mixing on the same palette.

VINI BE GOOD, naturally becomes a place of cultural, technical and gustatory exchanges, where the experience of the elders, combined with the enthusiasm of each one, creates a healthy emulation and participates in raising the qualitative level of the different cuvées, vintage after vintage.

VINI BE GOOD and its winegrowers are happy to share with you through this selection, the wines they like and which they think are right.