History of the estate

Domaine Fabrice Gasnier has been located in the town of Cravant les Coteaux for 4 generations. Fabrice Gasnier's great-grandfather owned 3 hectares of vines, his grandfather had 15 hectares. Since then, there have been a few acquisitions.

Today, the estate cultivates 30 hectares of Cabernet Franc vines. This is located within a perimeter of 2 kilometers around the village of Chezelet in the municipalities of Cravant les Coteaux and Panzoult.

Fabrice Gasnier cultivates vines in a natural way. A permanent exchange between Mother Nature and the winemaker gives birth to a vintage. His conviction is the best interpretation of his terroir, on rigorous principles, without ever denying the technical progress that could bring a qualitative improvement.

Since 2000, Fabrice Gasnier has been running the vineyard in organic farming. After a period of conversion, the Estate is currently certified "Ecocert". He has taken his practices a little further and today cultivates the entire Domaine biodynamically (Demeter): this with the aim of producing natural wines, wines that change in taste every year!


The wines
of the estate


Domaine Fabrice Gasnier
Chezelet, 37500 Cravant-les-Côteaux

Tél : +332 47 93 11 60

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